My Story

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All my life I have wanted to understand deeper reality – the reality that lies beyond reality. More than once, I have committed career suicide, because I just needed to discover more, whatever the cost.

I always wanted to discover practical philosophy, in the sense of philosophy that can change my life for the better and help me grasp the deepest reality – rather than the philosophy that is just word games. 

I also always wanted to discover practical magic – magic that can change my life for the better and modify reality, rather than just harmless theorising.

So far, this has resulted in three books, two of which are still “alive”. One is a book of practical philosophy, about how to live a meaningful life.

The other is a transcendental novel about a spiritual initiation inside a psychiatric ward, where each step of the initiation is symbolised by a Tarot card.

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Conscious Living


Like everybody else, you have something unique to offer the world. It is what I call your Great Work. Deep down inside you may well know what it would be.
However, many of us reject the idea of our Great Work before we even get started.
This is usually because we believe that we wouldn’t have the willpower to put it into practice. Or simply because we’re afraid of the unknown.
This book will show you how to strengthen your willpower and increase your ability to stay conscious in situations that you are unaccustomed to. It will help you to consistently Take Action on that which makes your life meaningful.

The World

Chapter 1
The Ace of Pentacles

‘Tell me about the numbers.’
‘Everything must come in even numbers.’
I look at my hands twitching in my lap. I hate talking. If only she would leave me alone. But she keeps looking at me, waiting for me to say something.
‘Odd numbers are unstable,’ I say. ‘They – they create danger.’
‘What kind of danger?’
‘The dam might break.’ I don’t know what I mean by this. I expect her to ask, but she doesn’t.
‘What will happen if the dam breaks?’
‘The ocean will swallow us all,’ I say, raising my voice. I get up. I know my words don’t make sense to her, but they are the truest words I have said so far. I know this because my voice is ringing loud and clear in my ears instead of my usual mumbling.