Do you know what you value at the deepest level? Knowing your core value is the key to making life choices that align harmoniously with your inner self.

This book presents a way to acquire that knowledge.

It is connected with how Jung’s psychological types relate to ethical values.

I will present you with a detailed ethical and psychological analysis that I conducted on eight people belonging to two of the sixteen types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The study isolates the core value of the INFP as well as that of the ENFP, and results in a surprising insight that looks applicable to all types.

All around you, minds are shaped by social media, ads, junk food, drugs, the news, and other stimulation. It is easy to give in to these influences and never offer your gift to the world. It is easy to let yourself be molded into a mindless employee, a greedy consumer, and a broke patient.

Fortunately, there is another way. As you identify and answer your call from within, you gain access to the deeper happiness that only a meaningful project can bring. This book will guide you as you enter a loop of action and satisfaction that breathes life into your unique gift to the world.

A supposed schizophrenic must stake his brain to enter a spiritual healing programme. His healing entails travelling to a world where each region is the embodied essence of a particular Tarot card. He makes his way through the cards in his quest for The World, a locale where everyday reality and magic fuse to become the gold of the Alchemists.

In this short tour of the magical world, the magus Ezekiel takes the reader through the first five tarot cards of the Major Arcana. Rather than seeing the tarot cards as a divination system, Ezekiel uses them as maps of the magical world. The reader is encouraged to suspend disbelief and set off on this journey with the openness of the first tarot card, The Fool.

Miriam is having bad dreams. As everybody knows, bad dreams are caused by dragons. So she goes to the Land of the Furry Dragons, on a quest to find the Dragon King to ask him to make her bad dreams stop.